Sunday, April 11, 2010

Turimetta (Vik)

Rip Curl

1st try with HDR

Photographers day out


  1. Nice work, my friend. You persisted with the red thingy in the last shot and it paid off!

  2. Love the cloud work in the HDR. :) The rocks look a bit of a moist rusty effect, very dark. Most probably my favourite in this lot.

    The shot of the sun is definitely telling a different story to everyone elses - good manipulation of mood there.

    i like your macro shot - so intricate.

  3. For composition, "rip curl" is one of my favourites from this outing. One technical note here is I think it the shutter speed was a bit slow to really freeze the action...

    Also, think you have one of the better colour shots with the sea urchin... nice one.