Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From the archive (Brad)

A few random shots I was flicking through from the archive...


  1. 2nd last is an instant favourite. It's just a tad tight upper left hand corner,wish i could see a bit more clouds otherwise a beautifully composed frame.

    Where was it taken Brad??

  2. This one is Mt. Wellington in Tasminia looking down over Hobart. It was almost a 180 degree stitch of probably 5 or 6 shots...

  3. I like the jam factory - like an image taken back in the 50s.

    Nicely stitched on the pano shot - did you have much trouble lining up the clouds?

  4. Nope... Photoshop does all the thinking there...

  5. Brad! I love them all but the flower shot- for all its charm- stands out for me. The isolation and defiance of the lone flower in the frame is a winner.

    (I'm looking at these pictures as I'm working while about three customers are waiting for assistance but I DON"T CARE...)