Saturday, April 3, 2010

Turimetta Beach (An)

I met new friends that day in Ed, Karl and Brad. I hope we get to do another one of these shoots soon guys.


  1. Really nice work mate... I like the moody shots (the monochrome and the fisherman) and the use of moving water - you can really get a sense of the movement - the dynamics of the ocean. Love it.

  2. I like the shot of the water wrapping around the bed of rocks. Very good use of shutter speed and composition. Seems like theres been a bit of use of vibrant effects?

    Also a big fan of the fisherman picture.

  3. Thanks guys. The best part of the day was meeting other photographers, like yourselves.

    Loved your reflections shots- Brad and Karl- and I'll learn to look for it next time. Well spotted.

    Karl, the shots were taken with WB set to Daylight. I don't have ND grad filters (yet) so, in post production, I composite one image exposed for foreground and one for the sky and then usual levels, curves and sharpening is applied. Apart from that, the colours are natural. Some images benefited from a saturation boost of about + 10-15.

    Also, how do I attach exif data to my images?

  4. An, it was great to meet you and the other guys. Looks like you put a bit more effort into your post-production than I did. I have been trying to keep all updates to just one capture, including adding ND grad in Lightroom in post, rather than fiddling with the filters. I do still use ND grads, but didn't bother this time. I try to keep all my edits RAW file parametric edits using Lightroom and generally only go to Photoshop if there is any pixel work to do like cloning.

    Generally most apps will include EXIF data in exported JPEG images, but in the case of composite images, I'm not sure what data it would pick up.

  5. Brad, the exif data is essentially the information at the point of capture since the image composite is using the identical image with only exposure tweaks done with camera raw in PS.

  6. I agree with Brad - you're pretty clued up on some post processing that has done very well for your pictures - its vibrant and had a positive mood change. After seeing your shots i wish i hadn't left on my ND filter on the whole session, rather i shouldve changed it off and tried other things. I really look forward to shooting with you guys again.

    An and Brad - i see how your wide angle gives you greater curvature rather than the flat shots i produced on my portrait (telephoto) lens - i see the difference now :)

  7. An has made great use of his ultra wide angle - a 11-17 mm or thereabouts. Works so well with landscape shots. I think some of the vibrance also comes from getting such good balance between the foreground as well as plenty of nice sky as a result of going so wide.

    Excellent work An. Love all the shots. Love the way you captured the effects of moving water. Great composition and colours.

    The monochrome shot with the dodging and burning works so well (for me using the effect a touch more subtly would have been even better)