Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coalcliff and Seacliff bridge


Here's my contribution from the past week boys...

Vik and I were treated to an unreal sunrise.


  1. There some really nice variety in your shots and great use of colour mate...

    I suspect that the second one had some serious cropping, because I haven't seen you walking around with a 400mm lens :) but I really like the depth to this one... The angular lighting with the sea spray provides that layering - such a nice separation between the foreground and background. Also the lines move your eye throught the frame.

    The other one to mention is the ocean baths... I like these shots that can break the rules and highlight symmetry. A great sutdy of twilight colours.

    My only technical comment is - watch your highlights, which is only really a problem on the first seacliff bridge shot.

  2. Brad, you haven't seen me walking around with a zoom because I didn't own one until a week ago! I bought a travel-friendly zoom for an upcoming trip...

    Yes, I'm totally in agreeance with you on the highlights in the first image and debated a while whether to drop in another sky to complete the image. It's MY own biggest crictism about that shot and that was the angle I wanted before I set out there :(

    (I Always appreciate your comments- keep them coming)

  3. Nice one... what's the lens? how long?

    Personally I wouldn't drop in a new sky for two reasons:
    1. I don't have the time; and
    2. I personally don't want to manipulate a scene to that degree.

    Not to say it is wrong, because art is whatever you want it to be, but I am aiming to capture the scene as it was and emphasise the elements that caught my eye and that I think are visually interesting.

    Interestingly, I see Vik was exposing for the highlights in his shots…

  4. Interesting composition in the pool shot.

    Also interesting work on the pool/sky shot letting the colours play on the rule of thirds rather than the horizon line.

    Good work on the new lens mate. Some real close up intimate shots there.