Friday, April 16, 2010

Seacliffe Bridge


  1. First 2 shots natural colours.
    Third and Fourth shot with HDR effect. A little over the top in the last one I suppose but I love what it did to the whole scene.

  2. For me the first one is under exposed... I’m guessing you were exposing for the boat off in the distance, but I think it's not large enough in the frame to be obvious, so the rest of the image is almost black.

    The second one is a great example of exposing for the colours in the sky and sacrificing the shadow detail… The light trial of the car really holds the composition to fill in the bottom. Love the way the headlight paint the railing of the overpass. I would have been tempted to crop off the bottom, below the road as the horizon too central – splitting the frame half and half.

    The last HDR one is pretty full one, but what drama. I love the reflections on the rockpools and the little figures out fishing I’m guessing. Nice work!

  3. I like the range of colours in the second one. Great work!

    Very bold and strong HDR work you have on the fourth shot. Shows off the power in HDR.

  4. Thanks Guys. One thing I've noticed is that all my photos have appeared a bit darker on this site, give a more drama to HDR than even I was trying to give, and I lost the foreground greens in the 3rd shot :(.

    Brad, the first shot is too dark i agree I was actually exposing for the sky - it was a really blood red! I agree with your comment on the second shot, I should have framed it differently and I could have got more sky into the shot.

    Karlo, we were really treated to a spectacular sunrise. Good reward for waking up so early!