Friday, July 23, 2010

Hard lighting

Not the kind of subjects that generally like hard light, but I'm testing a recent investiment in some light modifiers. In this case a HONL grid as the key light. This gives me a nice tight beam of light + feathered edges. This means total control of the background.

This one is just with the grid key light (one light)

This one is with the grid as the key, but also ring flash (Orbis) as on-axis fill probably 2.5 stops under the key.

People subjects come next!


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  2. Good to see you back on. I hope little bub and wife are doing well.

    Of course I have no idea about what you're about in the settings used for the above stills but I know that I really like them.

    ... hope to learn off you guys soon though.

  3. We're going really well mate, thanks.

    An, you crack me up... Love your honesty.