Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1.6sec @ f11, ISO 100

This one just makes me happy...

Taken on a recent trip to the states.


  1. What a cracker! Hey, not a bad shot either. No seriously - just brilliant!
    Perfect exposure, nice colours coming through and you managed to hold the detail in the castle. Now please tell me you shot it in manual and not some fancy fireworks mode :)

    Great job mate - definitely better than any fireworks image I have.

  2. Ha ha,thanks

    The setting was manual :) I had some experience from the NYE fireworks: 2sec @ f11 (ISO 100) and making the adjustment to 1.6sec because I was VERY close to the display.

    Is there such a "mode"? I know some Nikon's have in-built HDR modes...

    I had 3hrs to visualise the shot because I made my wife sit with me beforehand :) The wait was worth it...

    PS my wife and I are expecting our baby boy in DECEMBER :)

  3. Fantastic mate - congratulations! All the best of luck...